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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Gys

  • The PROGYS 220E FV CEL is a MMA inverter designed for the most demanding of industrial applications and blends the latest welding technology with an intuitive user interface. With Its innovative ignition process, the PROGYS 220E FV CEL allows the user to produce welds both vertical-up and vertical-down very simply with all types of electrodes up to Ø 5 mm, including cellulosic and aluminium-coated electrodes. With a reinforced casing and anti-shock pads on each side of the machine and accompanied with a IP23 protection level, this makes the PROGYS 220E FV CEL the ideal machine for onsite usage.

    Four welding modes which include MMA,MMA Adjustable Pulse, TIG lift (DC) and TIG lifted (DC) Adjustable Pulse.

    Two MMA welding modes; MMA standard for welding with basic, rutile and cellulosic electrodes up to Ø 5 mm. MMA Adjustable Pulse is the ideal mode for vertical-up welding on pipes and pipelines.

    The two TIG Lift modes can be used for more precise work on thinner sheet materials. Easier start to ensure perfect quality welding bead and a simple movement of the wrist starts the automatic downslope to ensure a smooth and clean welding finish. TIG lift (DC) Adjustable Pulse facilitates the welding of really thin sheets down to 0.3 mm and helps to increase the weld bead penetration.

    Adjustable Hot Start is used to deliver a higher amperage when the electrode first comes into contact with the metal. This helps to prevent the electrode from sticking when the metal or the electrode are cold.

    Anti-Sticking makes it easier to create the arc with any type of metal. Low Hot Start is used for thin metal sheets, whilst a higher Hot Start is better for metals that are more difficult to weld such as dirty or oxidized sheets.

    Adjustable Arc force helps to ensure better penetration and prevention of the electrode sticking.

    Power Factor Correction (PFC) 30% energy saved. PFC technology supresses peaks and regulates the supply current. It also allows for the use of extension leads or generators and contributes to better arc stability during the welding phase.

    VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) can be turned on to reduce the open-circuit voltage of the welding machine when the welding machine is on, but not being used, such as when you’ve just finished an electrode and need to replace it with a new one This delivers added safety when operating in MMA or Lift-TIG mode to help ensure welders safety in specific environments. 

    Flexible Voltage (FV) technology ensures a stable arc even with a varying main current of 85volts to 265volts or when used with a varying power current supplied from a generator.

    Protec 400 can withstand occasional or permanent voltage variations on the electrical network up to 400volt.

    Ten different programs can be stored in the machine for each process, ensuring perfect and consistent welds when doing repetitive tasks.

    The type of electrode required can be selected for optimal welding from the predefined settings..

    Lockable keypad prevents operating errors and also helps to ensure the user is operating within the required welding parameters.

    Current and voltage are constantly displayed during and after welding process.(DMOS/QMOS).

    Optimised cooling system designed for industrial use.

    Optional remote control can be easily fitted to the remote-control connections at the rear of the machine.


    Amps range 240v – 16amp MMA  5 – 220Amps.

    TIG    5 – 220Amps.

    Amps range 240v – 32amp MMA 5 – 220Amps.

    TIG    5 – 220Amps.

    Amps range 110v – 32amp MMA 5 -120Amps

    TIG   5 -140Amps

    Duty cycle. 240v – 16amp (40°C) MMA 60% @ 145Amps

    TIG   60% @ 145Amps

    Duty cycle. 240v – 32amp (40°C) MMA 60% @ 175Amps

    TIG   60% @ 175Amps

    Duty cycle. 110v – 32amp (40°C) MMA 60% @ 120Amps

    TIG   60% @ 120Amps

    Input fuse. 16A (230V)

    32A (110V)                

    Min generator size (+/- 15%) 10.0kw – 12.5Kva

    Electrode size for MMA  1.6 – 5.0mm

    Dimensions. 400 x 340 x 210mm

    Approx. weight  12kg

    Machine only supplied without any accessories.