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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Gys

  • The GYSARC 400 TRI is an industrial 3-phase MMA (SMAW) / TIG Lift DC welding power source with inverter technology designed to deliver exceptional welding performance. Featuring advanced electronics and optimised cooling system the GYSARC 400 TRI guarantees maximum productivity, even in harsh environments. Its switchable Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) protects the welder in hazardous areas and with a reinforced casing and anti-shock pads on each side of the machine, and accompanied with a IP23 protection level, it makes the GYSARC 400 TRI an ideal machine for workshop or onsite usage. The GYSARC 400 TRI can also be fitted with the GYS EXATIG control unit when the application requires a TIG HF ignition.

    The GYSARC 400 TRI offers three process modes, MMA, TIG lift (DC) and Arc Air Gouging.

    Whilst In MMA mode rutile, basic and cellulosic electrodes up to 6mm diameter can be used.

    In TIG Lift (DC) mode it is possible to use Tungsten electrodes from 1.0 to 3.2mm diameter.

    Arc Air Gouging can be performed with gouging carbons up to 6.4mm diameter.

    Adjustable Hot Start is used to deliver a higher amperage when the electrode first comes into contact with the metal. This helps to prevent the electrode from sticking when the metal or the electrode are cold.

    Anti-Sticking makes it easier to create the arc with any type of metal. Low Hot Start is used for thin metal sheets, whilst a higher Hot Start is better for thicker metals and more difficult to weld metals such as dirty or oxidized sheets.

    Adjustable Arc force helps to ensure better penetration but can also help to prevent of the electrode sticking when striking the arc.

    The OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) of 85 volts helps to facilitate an easier arc ignition of the electrode and is especially advantageous when using difficult-to-run electrodes such as 7018 low hydrogens, some stainless Steels, hard facing and other more specialised rods that need a higher OCV. The higher OCV also helps to maintain a strong and stable arc which is especially advantageous when using more difficult-to-run electrodes.

    VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) can be activated via an internal switch to lower the no-load voltage down to 20V when the welding machine is on, but not being used. This creates a safer environment when you’ve just finished an electrode and need to replace it with a new one. The VRD also provides added safety when operating Lift-TIG mode to help ensure the welders safety prior to the arc being activated.

    Optimised cooling system thanks to the air-tight ventilation corridor designed to isolate and protect the electronic components from dust. This makes the machine ideal for harsh environments such as mines, quarries, chemical and petrochemical installations, shipyards, etc.

    Fitted with two heavy duty steel handles for easy manipulation.

    The Intuitive display as control knobs designed to be operated even whilst the user is wearing welding gauntlets.

    The current and voltage are constantly displayed during and after the welding process.

    Optional remote control can be easily fitted to the remote-control connections at the rear of the machine.

    For applications when TIG DC with HF ignition is require the GYS EXATIG unit (013780) is available as an optional extra.

    For easy transportation on site or in the workshop, the JOB SITE XL trolley (039508) is available as an optional extra. .


    Amps range (400V 3ph – 32Amp: MMA  20 – 400Amps.

                                                          TIG    20 – 400Amps

    Duty cycle (EN60974-1 40 °C): 400 Amps @ 60 %                                                                                     

                                                      350 Amps @ 100 %

    Input fuse: 32Amp (400V 3 ~)                            

    Min generator size (+/- 15%) 30kw – 36Kva

    Electrode size for MMA  1.6 – 6.0mm

    Dimensions. 580 x 520 x 300mm

    Approx. weight: 38kg

    Machine only supplied without any accessories.