HMT VersaDrive™ V35 Mag Drill & Stakit Pro Kit

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Hmt

  • The HMT VersaDrive™ V35 Mag Drill & Stakit Starter Kit contains almost everything you may possibly need to get you underway on site or in the workshop. Whether you need to produce holes, enlarge holes or even tap them, the V35 Versadrive Stakit starter kit helps you overcome the most common of metalworking challenges with the tooling and lubricants needed to complete the job quickly, efficiently with everything all together in the one place. 


    The V35 VersaDrive Magnet Drill comes as part of the kit which helps to ensure that wherever you go, you have access to this lightweight, compact but powerful portable drilling machine which can cover numerous broaching and drilling applications up to 35mm diameter and in up to 110mm thick steel sections.

    The V35 can be deployed for standard drilling applications or can easily be adapted for working at heights. This is thanks to its extremely lightweight, powerful 1000kg magnet and a safety strap included which keeps the machine secure in the event of a cut to the power supply. 

    Thanks to the Versadrive Stakit system Transporting everything to and around the site or workshop could not be simpler, whilst at the same time keeping everything organised and to hand plus fully protected. 

    The Versadrive Stakit site cart features rugged all-terrain wheels and an integrated handle, it allows your equipment to be stacked and can be tilted and pulled to wherever it is needed in the workshop or site.


    VersaDrive® STAKIT Mid Case with Lubricant Insert comprising of one of each Speedlube aerosol lubricant, Aeropaste Aerosol Lubricant and 2 x Bio cut paste lubricant with 8 x organiser boxes.

    Versadrive Stakit Impact starter kit comprising of one of each 501030 Reamers sizes 14, 18, 22mm, 301125 Drill Taps – M6, M8, M10, 308010 Impacta Taps – M12, M16, M20, 209015 TurboTip drill bits – 6.8, 8, 8.5, 10, 10.5, 12, 14mm, 1/4" VersaDrive® Rapid-Lock Adapter, 1/2" VersaDrive® Rapid-Lock Adapter and a 130mm VersaDrive® Rapid-Lock Extension.

    Versadrive Stakit Rotary starter kit comprising of one of each 108030 CarbideMax 40 TCT Broach Cutters 12, 14, 18, 22, 26mm, 4 x Pilot Pins and 101030 VersaDrive Hole Cutters 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 26mm.

    Versadrive V35 Magnet Drill supplied in the Versadrive Stakit base 200 tool case with feed handles, safety strap, heavy duty metal guard system, VersaDrive Rapid-Lock adapter and gravity feed coolant system.

    Versadrive Stakit site cart which can be used on its own for the storage and transportation of additional power tools or combined with the rest of the Versadrive Stakit system to transport tooling and cutting tools to and around the job site or workshop.