Mafell LO55 1/4" Router

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MAFELL 91A901 LO55 1/4" ROUTER 240V
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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Mafell

  • The Mafell LO55 ¼” router combines power, reliability and ease of use in a compact design, bursting with user friendly features.

    Calling upon decades of experience, designing and manufacturing machines for carpenters and joiners, Mafell has been able to create the worlds most advanced portable router. Working on the premise that during use, plunge depth, rotational speed and change of cutter are the three features that an operator has to adapt to each application, Mafell have focussed on making them effortless and fast!

    Plunge depth is established by simply releasing the trigger on the Permafix locking handle situated at the front of the machine.

    Rotational speed is reduced by 30%  when the DeBoost button is pressed. Easily activated during use, the cutter speed is slowed to prevent burns and furring of the material – especially noticeable when transitioning from routing with the grain to trimming end grain.

    Completely tool-less cutter change through the use of a locking lever – unique to Mafell. Tool changes take seconds, no more searching for spanners, under and over tightening is eliminated.

    Other features include:

    Digital speed control ensures the right speed for the material and size of cutter. Speed is maintained even under load for perfect results – every time.

    LED lighting makes the workpiece and cutting area easy to see – ideal for precision work. 

    Dust control isn’t an afterthought, a well placed extraction port and hollow base plate offers the best possible extraction when routing in the centre and on the edges of the material.

    Fine adjustment parallel fence, template guides and chip deflectors are locked in place without screws or fixings ensuring perfect centre alignment and fast changing.

    A flat top keeps the LO55 stable when changing cutters and copying rings.

    A steel height adjustment foot keeps the base level and stable when used in conjunction with templates.

    Compatible with Mafell guide rails for perfect, long, straight cuts.


    Voltage: 240V

    Power: 1100W

    Speed: 10000 – 24000 RPM

    Maximum cutting depth: 55mm

    Maximum collet capacity: 8mm

    Dust extraction port: 29mm. Readily accepts DIN 27mm standard hose adaptors found on Mafell, Festool, Nilfisk &  Metabo extractors

    Weight: 3.1kg

    4 mtr mains cable

    Included as standard: 1 x 1/4” collet, 1 x parallel fence with fine adjustment, 1 x chip deflector, 1 x 20, 30, 40mm template guides, 1 x template guide adaptor, 1 x extraction hose adaptor, 1 x extraction adaptor for F rail.